The Simpsons (left) Oil on burlap 140x170cm and Overlap Oil on linen 180x160cm, both 2014

Blackmail (Room creation with Charles Sandford) Magnolia emulsion, white gloss paint, slate chips, concrete lawn dividers, oil painting in spraypainted wooden stand, carpet tiles

Village Slickers Oil on Linen Sack 2x1.5m 2014

Model for Monument & Act of Protest Mixed Media 1.6x1.2x.70m 2014

Light Against the Night Oil on Canvas 100x70cm 2014

Manoeuvres II Oil on Canvas 150x125cm 2014

Untitled Mixed Media 50x35x70cm 2013

Buenos Aires Beach Oil on Linen Sack 2013

Sometimes I Forget That You're Gone Oil on Canvas 86.5x76.5cm 2013